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Goal Management Training™

What is Goal Management Training™?

Goal Management Training (GMT) is a cognitive rehabilitation program for adults (18+) centered around neuropsychological principles. Goal Management Training helps to enhance and repair executive functioning skills that may have been impaired from neurodevelopmental, medical and/or mental health conditions.


This training program helps adult individuals maintain intentions using goal-directed behaviours. Individuals learn effective strategies to help with planning, remembering, organizing, decision making, self-regulation, problem solving, present-mindedness, anxiety and sustaining attention. This program may be helpful for adults who report executive dysfunction symptoms in their everyday life, report negative feelings from these problems and are open to learning new skills and strategies to address these problems.


The full, standardized version of the GMT program takes 15-18 hours to complete. This can be done in one-hour sessions ($225 per hour) or two-hour sessions ($400 for 2 hours). A more flexible, psychoeducation option is also available that can be completed in a few two-hour sessions. Please contact the office for more information.

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